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Путем автоматического подсчета установлено, что королем этого сайта является Ч.Х. Его заместителем - ОПЕ, а шестеркой заместителя короля - ЧеширскийХУЙ.

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Я сука тут царь князь и король , жаль хуй кого осталось что бы отхуесосить

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Терпила   2020-09-25 10:03:02
У меня есть свин
У него есть сын
Все его зовут

Терпила   2020-09-25 09:50:41
Сиди пока дрочи на свои гейские фантазии, а я пойду твоей мамаше присуну. Ты кого хочешь, братика или сестричку?

 Ч.Х   2020-09-24 06:26:23
Терпи мой хуй в своей глотке

Терпила   2020-09-24 01:58:36
Зло вызывает новое зло. Только терпила может остановить распространение зла в мире!   2020-09-23 05:18:45
Feel absolutely free to put my comments on your site and you can use my full name and add also my internet address ....... there for those people that would like to ask me about details. The same day I received your product( and was watching PAL tapes for hours ) I sent messages to my friends from Europe (living here in the USA ) about the converter I bought from your company saying I was so surprised about the quality. I was ready for the situation that maybe the colors could be a little bit different; nothing like that happened. It was just the same like I was watching these tapes in Europe seven years ago. I just simply want to say again: Thank you so much!
Dear Sirs, yesterday I received my DVD player. I like you to know I am very happy with it! It does exactly as you promised. Thank you very much for your service!
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About a month ago, I purchased a Yamaha DVD-S550-PN DVD player from you. This was my first purchase of a “code free” player, so I was a bit skeptical –about the player and who I was buying it from. I must say that after using it for the past few weeks, I am very, very pleased with my purchase and the service I was given by everyone there. The DVD player plays Region 2 PAL discs perfectly. It is really hard to distinguish PAL from NTSC when using this unit. I was pleased to find the unit factory sealed, and it arrived in only a few days after I ordered it. This is a top-notch unit and is cheaper than the new Yamaha DVD-S1500 that is now offered in the US. Again, I am very, very happy with my purchase! Thank you! Please feel free to use this on your web site.
Thank you so much for the JVC code free DVD player. We just set it up this weekend and it works great. We watched several British and American DVD's and the quality was excellent. I didn't realize how easy it would be. You just put   2020-09-23 05:01:12 all means....also....leave my e-mail address on the board if you like.. I will respond to folks who e-mail me about's a great product and I want you to sell a ton of them...this way, if i need one 10 years down the road it might be easier to find...LOL:) and PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if the manufacture ever discontinues the product....i hate to get something i love and not be able to replace it when it goes i say...I'll stick a back-up 850 in a drawer if i need to.... but maybe the parts are no big deal and the unit is easy to fix if it goes down? let me know about this please.
Feel free to use the comment, because it is truly a blessing to see such a great picture from dubbing! I can't wait to get busy on all of those other tapes! I have friends overseas who'd love to have some of my collections! If I run into anymore trouble, which I doubt, I'll let you know...especially with my Laserdisk player